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Plastic/Pigtail Posts

These 8.5mm heavy posts are robust. Manufactured with galvanised spring steel and UV stabilised plastic, the polymer insulator ensures a long life. The red top allows for high visibility. (Pack of 10)


Step in plastic post with 8 wire or tape holding points, ideal for use with horses or separating older and younger stock with its 1.5m height galvanized steel with uv stabilized plastic. (Pack of 10)


Tapes, Wires, Reels

200m of 9 strand stainless steel polywire. Uv stabilised polymer for longer life on a heavy duty steel reel with steel lockable pin with 12 positions to maintain wire tension.


This extremely robust 3/1 geared rhino reel is made to last with its heavy duty gearbox, galvanised frame with 12 locking positions, included is 400m of strong 9 strand stainless steel polywire, manufactured from uv stabilised polymer for a longer life


This extremely robust 3/1 geared reel is made to last with its heavy-duty gearbox. 800m poly wire capacity, galvanised frame with 12 locking positions.


Steel lockable pin with 12 lockable positions to ensure wire tension is maintained. Heavy steel construction.


25 metre roll of 9mm cord, high visibility shock cord. This cord can be stretched to twice its size. Made from quality UV stabilised synthetic rubber with stainless steel strands.


This extremely strong wire has 6 strands at .22mm stainless steel. Manufactured from UV stabilised polymer for a longer life 400 metre roll



This 2.5mm wire coated in 3.5 mm polymer plastic is for use in permanent and longer span underground installations. It’s robust polymer coating is suitable for any ground conditions.


This stand off insulator is ideal permanent way to keep livestock away from fences, its 300mm length and 7mm shaft is strong enough to hold any wire Galvanized shaft with uv protected polymer coating. (Pack of 10)


These 2-meter lengths of 12mm insultube are ideal for insulating around straining posts. Their 4mm thick wall ensures no earthing even on the highly tensioned wire. UV protected


Gripple Products

Medium gripples are suitable to use with high tensile and mild steel wire gripples are versatile wire joiners and are fully adjustable and can be used over and over 20 per pack.



Complete gate set for adjustable gate closure. This kit is easy to fit and comes with a 2 year warranty. Maximum 6m opening with robust spring and handle.


Manufactured from UV stabilised plastic with a large shield for hand protection. A galvanised compressed spring which doesn’t lose tension after time.


Versalok Metal Posts System

Versalok metal post system with its delta profile, gives superior strength and is able to accommodate all patterns of wire fencing. Quick and simple to erect, the Versalok post has been designed with lozenge shaped holes to easily and securely lock in the patented stainless steel clips. Posts can be got in 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m. Versalok posts are manufactured from high yield strength, high tensile steel. Versalok posts conform to Bs1722-2-2020. Versalok is Tams approved in ROI.


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Matador wholesale was set up in 2018 by Kieran Hession and Jason English with a combined 50 years of experience in fencing through the supply to both the Irish and UK markets.